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Choosing a Fence to Contain Your Furry Companion

Dogs have a great deal of energy and need the space to run that energy off. However, pet owners must ensure the animal remains safe while outside and a dog fence can be of great help in making certain this is the case. This prevents the animal from chasing after squirrels, rabbits, and anything that catches their eye.

The Height

Consider the size of the dog when determining what height to make the fence. For example, a fence that is four feet high likely won't contain a labrador or husky. They will simply jump over it and go after the thing that captured their interest. Don't simply add an extension to the fence either because the dog will view it as a challenge and quickly learn how to get over the added height. Consider a fence that blends into the landscape so it doesn't detract from the overall appearance of the property. This helps to ensure your dog is safe and you still have a property you love.


One thing to keep in mind is a dog won't go after what he or she can't see. Consider choosing a fence that blocks the animal's view of the outside world. Although many owners prefer not to do this, it may become necessary depending on the dog. A hyper dog, for example, may bark at every little thing and disrupt the family's peace. If this is the case, the property owner may decide an obstructed view is better than the constant noise created by the dog reacting to everything that passes by.

Don't Go Invisible

Some dog owners believe the solution to their problem is an invisible fence. This type of fence won't offer privacy, as discussed above, and it may also bring about other issues. Some dogs respond negatively to being shocked when they try to cross the barrier. They then develop behavioral problems that are worse than the ones the fence was installed to resolve. Keep this in mind before investing in a fence of this type to determine whether you wish to spend the money only to find it is not beneficial.

Obviously, pet owners need to ensure their dog remains active and entertained every day. This can be a challenge but it is a part of being a responsible pet owner. When this is not enough to keep the animal happy, consider installing a fence. Benner's Best Friend Fence is a good starting point in your search for this type of barrier. For many, it will be the last stop also as it is exactly what they need to keep the dog safe, happy, and healthy.